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Kickapoo Animal Rescue Alliance, Inc. Gallery
Loved and Lost
Sanctuary Residents:  Sixty animals call KARA home.  Below are pictures of some of them.
(8/1994 - 9/21/2012)
(? - 10/30/2010)
(? - 1/13/2012)
(? - 9/15/2011)
Pierre and Mr. Wiggles
Hershey and Snowflake

Daisy and Daphne
​The Ladies
Emmett and Spencer
Cachel and Penelope
Blue Bell (? - 6/10/2012)
Grey Bell (? - 9/3/2012)
Daisy Mae (? - 2/24/2013)
Kickapoo Animal Rescue Alliance, Inc. (KARA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal advocacy and rescue organization with all operations in the State of Illinois.

16538 E. Kiowa Rd.
Heyworth, IL 61745
(309) 212-9777

Chompers, Jezebel, and Jed
Franklin and Fiona
(9/19/2012 - 4/27/2013)
​                    This symbol indicates a "special needs" animal who requires specific care.

Devon was a stray who wandered onto the property of an older gentleman.  Two months later, the man's house burned down, and Devon was running loose, terrorized by the fire.  Volunteers caught him after two days on the run and took him to a local animal shelter, where he was diagnosed with heartworms.  KARA adopted him and took him to our vet, where he was also diagnosed with Lyme disease.  Devon is currently staying at the vet's office, where he is receiving around-the-clock care.

Hope was born with hydrocephalus, otherwise known as "water on the brain."  She was blind, partially deaf, and had some difficulty moving around without tripping over herself or walking into walls, furniture, etc.   Dogs with hydrocephalus are nearly impossible to train, and rarely live past their second birthday.  Hope suffered a massive seizure due to the pressure on her brain, followed in rapid succession with additional, relatively minor seizures.  At the advice of our veterinarian, we had Hope euthanized to end her suffering.  Hope died at the very tender age of seven months, eight days.

​Piper was starved prior to being relinquished by her owner to a county animal care and control facility.  Her other medical needs were also neglected.  The result of her mistreatment is that she needs to be on a specific, low-ingredient food and requires twice-daily medication in her ears.

Hershey suffered an injury to one of his back legs prior to coming to KARA that required surgery.  His injury is greatly aggravated by cold and wet weather, requiring painkiller medication.

Jezebel's hooves were neglected when she was very young (they were not trimmed regularly).  Donkeys are like horses; they spend virtually all of their time standing.  If their hooves or legs are injured badly enough, they have to be euthanized.  Jezebel requires frequent visits from the farrier to check on and maintain her hooves.

Bubba was found as a stray when he was approximately eight weeks old.  He was also a flood victim, and sustained an injury to his left eye that required its removal.

Sunny was nearly completely blind, a function of the severe malnutrition he suffered as a stray kitten.
Freedom and Liberty
(2004 - 9/9/2013)